Glyphics Studio: detailed hand carved doors.
Hand Carved Doors from Glyphics Studio

Glyphics Studio specializes in the creation of hand carved doors and entryways. Paul is in an elite group of specialized artistans who employ Old World tradition and technique, exclusively using hand tools. He brings over 40 years of experience and dedication to the fine art of wood carving, using only chisel hammer. Paul’s exquisitely executed design work is drawn free hand and to scale, without the use of power tools or mechanical enlargements.

Paul's work is recognized and appreciated by architects, interior designers, homeowners and collectors. His work and craftsmanship have been featured on Home and Garden Television's ever popular Modern Masters Series, in addition to being featured and spotlighted in many national and regional publications.

The process of hand carved, hardwood doors begins by collaborating with the client and moves to master craftsmanship with a keen understanding of the principles of form and function. The skill of wood carving, with attention to detail, gives our doors the mark of distinction, which we believe, every entrance deserves.

Glyphics understands that these works of art, welcome people to your home or business. In keeping with this philosophy, Glyphics is able to offer you the opportunity to choose a variety of styles of hand carved doors to meet your individual needs, providing you with the unique option to distinguish any home or business. We use hardwoods of every variety to meet any design or architectural requirements.

Our custom design process creates hand carved doors, some of which are inlaid with stone and or metal. The range of material and subject can match or enhance any decor and is sensitive to the outstanding representation that an entryway can make. The experience, familiarity and skilled craftsmanship at Glyphics guarantees the fulfillment of a wide variety of artistic concepts, styles and designs, providing our clients with the very best hand carved bas relief sculpture available today.

Our hand carved doors provide a high level of security, privacy and sound insulation. Glyphics solid hardwood doors are far superior to the mass produced, particle board or veneer exterior doors which are offered en masse. These fine works of art never fail to impress visitors and clients by virtue of the craftsmanship, artistry and vision.

Glyphics Studio: Hand carved doors, sculptures, and architectural elements.