Glyphics Studio: detailed hand carved doors.

Mitch and Karen Hersh

Yes, we get a lot of compliments on our door. We love it and it really compliments our home
And it’s décor. You guys did a great job and we love it.”

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the end result is a beautiful door we love.”

“Without a question!” our door stands out as a work of Art.

Tom Kahn
“Love my doors. I get many compliments from my neighbors and friends. “Where did I get it” they ask?”

My door sets my house apart. Being a 50’s house, my door is a huge part of the sidewalk scene!”

Don and Nancy Lightenburger

“Our experience with Glyphics Studio could not have been better. The choice of wood and stone is almost limitless. And their design interaction was superb.

We live in Southwest Colorado and wanted a door that would be a piece of Art suited to the area and that would make a statement as people approached the entry. We described the basic design that we wanted, which included a Kokopelli and some inlaid stone. Raleigh and Paul worked with us on the type of Kokopelli that we envisioned, the outlay of the stone and the choice of wood.

The end result was quite stunning.

Should you choose to have a door designed by Glyphics Studio, you will not be disappointed.”

Dick Rothman

“The door is all I expected and more. It was done on time and cost just what they said.”

“It was great working with both of you.”

Does your door stand out as a work of Art that makes your home distinctive?

Absolutely! There is nobody that comes to the house that doesn’t comment on it.
Definitely worth the time and money”

Peg Sanders

“I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with our wonderful door, and how many comments it gets from visitors, as well as folks just walking down the street.

We were pleased with both the door and services of Glyphics Studio. You were great to take on a somewhat unusual assignment, of trying to fit an existing carving to a new door, and you made it look very unique.

The interactive design process in our case was perfect for us. We felt you listened as well as provided us lots to think about, in terms of how to make the door a creative and original design. Dealing with you was a pleasure.

The door clearly stands out and provides a great welcome to visitors as they come up the long walk.”

Larry and Toni Winkler

“We love our doors. Their artistic design is one of a kind. Everyone loves them. Service was on time and built correctly the first time.”

“We had 4 or 5 different ideas. We worked and changed until everything worked between our entryway, the architecture and the styling. Most important the process was fun, creative and productive.”

Does your door stand out as a work of Art that makes your home distinctive?

“Yes, yes and more yes. The doors make our house. One of the things in our home we receive the most compliments on and are the proudest of. Of course we take a little credit for the design, we really shouldn’t.”

Glyphics Studio: Hand carved doors, sculptures, and architectural elements.