Glyphics Studio: sculptures.

Paul Renfree's award winning sculptures, fountains and architectural elements represent a lifetime of dedication to a myriad of artistic expression, aesthetics and technique. His sculptures are skillfully executed classic archetypes, both modern and primal in effect to the eye.

Mr. Renfree's sculptures vary in size, stature and weight. His range of style, skill and experience has allowed him to work in both stone and wood mediums. He has been commissioned to do outdoor landscape sculpture and icon, as well as smaller sensual and personal renderings. His skill has allowed him to develop creative focus in whatever size, medium or style he works with.

Mr. Renfree's subjects range from refined and intricate interpretations to bold bold abstract statement. His artwork embraces a passionate devotion to skill and creative vision, while symbiotically reflecting history, psychology and the unconscious. The sculptures are powerful, commanding and thought provoking.

Glyphics Studio: Hand carved doors, sculptures, and architectural elements.